Batheo Game Review

Batheo is a RPG strategy game based in ancient Greece. It is set in a time where there are no more Gods leading the people and humans have continued to attack each other in may wars. It is now up to you (the player) to rise up and pick a hero that will lead mankind into a period of peace and restore Greece back to its former glory.

There are 8 groups of heroes that you can choose to be and most of them will be familiar to most people. Sadly, Hercules is not a hero you can choose (maybe because he’s a semi-god?), nevertheless there are famous names in the game. They may not all be from ancient Greek mythology but I’m sure players won’t mind being the likes of Conan, Robin Hood and Beowulf do they?

After you have finally chosen which “Hero” to be, a long tutorial awaits you. You can opt to skip the tutorial but it’s advisable that you got through it as you won’t know what to do without it. From the moment I started playing, I realized this is a mix between a RPG and RTS (real time strategy) game. You have a group of troops and you to train and a city you have to rebuild at the same time.

Combat is somewhat disappointing although this is the norm when it comes to some browser-based games. This is because there’s no audio in these types of games and combat sequences are all simulated. Although the animated sprites look nice with some neat looking special effects, I cannot help but be a little bit annoyed that I cannot do anything if I’m in danger. All I have to do is sit there and see my army gets beaten. I like actually playing fight so I can evade whenever I can – not just be a sitting duck from a barrage of pain.

The best thing about the game is that you can actually recruit other army groups to help you in battle. As you go out to new areas, there will be a large group of enemies that you will have to defeat. Red colored enemies show that they can become your allies once you beat them. This was extremely helpful as the enemies too have lots of recruitment’s.

One you have new recruitment, you can format your battle plan. This strategy makes battle more interesting as you have to choose the group with lots of defense to be on the front lines, with weaker people at the back. This becomes very crucial as your enemies employ the same strategy also.

Unlike some RPG games, menu and game navigation is easy to use. The game tells you what your next quest is and where you need to go at all times. Traversing to new areas is also great as you don’t have to explore terrain like in real-time strategy games. The whole map is already there for you to see and all you have to do highlight which enemies you like to fight.

As with every role playing game, leveling up is the main thing to do in order to progress. It’s great that your own city you can retreat to so you can buy new weapons or train your army to become stronger. You also have to upgrade the buildings in your city so they have the best supplies for your journey.

Batheo is a enjoyable hybrid RPG and RTS game that fans of both genres will have fun playing. There’s hours on offer here in Batheo and the design of the game is immaculate. A game all fantasy-based gaming fans should play.

Source by Damian Seeto

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