Dungeon Keeper 2 Retro Game Review

Dungeon Keeper 2, a game from 1999, lives up even by today’s standards as a classic Dungeon building game. Dungeon Keeper 2 has several upgrades and improvements over the predecessor, such as redone spells, additional rooms, and overall controls. In this game’s story, you are tasked with collectible all of the portal gems, in order to open a portal and launch an invasion on the surface world. Along the way, you will collect pieces in the campaign at set intervals to summon the horned reaper aptly named, “Horny”. He is no longer an inhabitable creature, but rather, a summoned creature, who will wreak havoc on your enemies.

The game play from the original Dungeon Keeper is mostly the same, but more streamlined and less on the micro-management scale, allow for more control and focus on the game play. The new creatures in this game are more humanoid, rather than animal creatures, having people such as rogues, black knights, and others who can be summoned with the right rooms and conditions.

Spells in this game can also be upgraded to include stronger, more powerful variants. The summon imp spell, for example, can be upgraded to summon level 4 imps, which are quicker and stronger then level 1 counter parts. You can also store a limited amount of gold in your dungeon heart as well, a problem that was fixed in the original.

The single player campaign in this game has well done maps and script events, with the narrator (in his evil voice), giving you a voice over on what you must do in the level. His voice is also good for periodically making funny remarks about you, or your dungeon, and livens up the gameplay. Other aspect I really appreciate, is the use of cultural references, and the voice interacting with you directly, telling you to go to bed if it is late at night, for example.

Another aspect I enjoy is the multi player, which allows you to fight up to 4 other dungeon keepers in different maps, or you can make your own map with the level editor, and share with your friends, allowing for near limitless game play.

Overall, this is one of those classic games that everyone should try at least once, with it’s humor, excellent interface, campaign, and even multiplayer. This game will definitely have you attention if you are a fan of building dungeons, managing creatures, and being evil!

Source by Stephen Mcfarland

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