Horse Racing: Laying Horses – A Few Points About The Game

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Laying horses – a few points about the game is another way only a handful of people out off thousands make money. Laying horses is just as difficult to profit from as other aspects of racing. These are a few things to keep in mind when you lay horses. (1) Favorites with odds of 7/4 (7 divided by 4 = 1.7) 1.7/1 will lose a high percent of the time. (2) Bet the favorite to lose most of the time after assessing it. (3) Bet women jockeys to lose. (4) Lay favorites not in peak physical condition. (5) The favorite of the morning line and the tote board lose 66%-68% of the time.

Also: (6) Pick races with the largest field sizes. (7) Play handicap races with 16 runners (field size) or larger. (8) Handicap races are best for laying horses. (9) Pick favorites with odds of no more than 4/1. (10) If there are no handicap races then play other race types of 15 runners or more. (11) If there are no 16 field sizes then play 15 or 14 for specific days but don’t ever go below 12 field sizes to lay. (12) Make certain that the horse you lay have – no – chance of winning.

Because of surface conditions, distance too long, can’t deal with track bias, inexperienced, jockey/trainer combination has very low win percent, etc. (13) If the odds on the horse is around 2.8/1 or lower then assess the horse and wager. (14) Don’t wager on horses with 1.9/1 odds using the Betfair system. Betfair is popular but different. (15) Don’t lay horses that are – Course and Distance – winners. This written as CD next to the horse. Laying horses: a few more points on the game.

Also laying horses – a few points about the game includes: (16) Is the potential lay carrying much more weight than before? (17) Does the horse have an apprentice jockey? (18) Do some trip handicapping on the horse. Have the horse good or bad trips but yet was favored. If its bad then its a potential lay. (19) Lay horses within 1.7/1 – 4/1 odds. (20) All races chosen has to have 12 horses or more for laying. (21) Favored horses laid off 25 or more days. (22) Horse has inconsistent form and physicality or health. (23) If the horse looks like sure winner then it may be good for laying.

Also: (24) Favorite that was a beaten winner last time may not do good today. (25) Has no wins in last 8 races. (26) Had no rest breaks in last 25-35 days. (27) Haven’t had a work out published in 10-15 days. (28) Hasn’t been In The Money or ITM at today’s distance and/or surface. (29) Stable wins less than 10%, jockey wins less than 10% and jockey/trainer combination win less than 10%. (30) Has had many losses at very low odds when favored. (31) Have 10 or more starts (races) but comes in second, third or fourth. (32) Any favorite that loss last time but is favored today is a potential lay.

after you find a horse you intend to lay it becomes a matter of Profitcapping which is the money, profit, money management and wagering side of racing. So laying horses – a few points about the game should help.

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