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Hello, to All The Readers & Visitors Of This Blog Post. In This Whole Post You can read About The Starting Of A Simple Niche Blog In 2020. Because As We Know Now In The Time Of Advanced technologies, Most Of The Peoples Are Doing Blogging For Their Passion. Also Most Of The Peoples Are Doing This For a Nice Job. So If You Wanna About How To Start A Nice Class Blog. So This Stuff Is Only For You.

Choose a theme that you like

A niche blogger has to write a lot on a narrow topic. This means that you need to have strong ideas, feelings and thoughts on this topic. Although, of course, broader topics can be tied to a niche blog topic, your loyal readers will go to your blog to read your unique outlook on your niche topic. To succeed, you must provide what your readers are looking for. Go too far from your niche and they will go elsewhere for the information and conversations that they want and need.


Choose a topic that you know a lot about, or enjoy reading and research.

Top niche bloggers know a lot about their topics. They can be subject matter experts related to their niche blogs, or they can simply enjoy reading, researching and studying their blog topics and then discuss this knowledge with their own unique voice. A niche blogger can succeed if he follows any path. The key to success is to write with the mind, focus and passion. Your unique voice will set your niche blog out of the crowd.

Choose a narrow topic and stay focused

Niche means concentration. This means that you need to choose a very narrow topic and stick to it so that you can position your blog as a real niche blog. For example, instead of blogging on a broad topic such as cars, you can choose a niche such as the classic Ford Mustang. Alternatively, instead of blogging on a broad topic such as cruises, you can blog about cruises for families with small children.

Beware of trend niches

If you want to create a successful blog with a long service life, then you should not choose a niche that is relevant today, but may disappear in the future. For example, choosing to write a niche blog about a particular TV show that you like can be very exciting, but if the show is canceled, what will happen to your blog? Most likely, traffic will slow down until it finally disappears, leaving you a blog with no hope of rebirth. Make sure the theme you select is valid.

Do keyword research and go long tail

Long tail search engine optimization involves using very specific keywords to drive targeted traffic. It’s hard to compete with large blogs and websites with deep pockets, and this is true when it comes to search engine optimization, just like with everything else. For example, it would be very difficult to compete with large sites for broad keywords, such as “parenting”. However, if you choose a targeted keyword phrase that is closely related to the content of your niche blog, such as a “teenager’s guide” for a niche blog dedicated to teenagers raising parents, then your competition will be less and your traffic will be more targeted. You need to spend time learning keywords and optimizing your blog content for the best keywords.

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